Have you been searching the internet for the “best countries to study art”? Well, this article will give you some insight into where you should be looking.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best country to study art. The first is the quality of the schools. There are world-renowned art schools in many different countries, so you’ll need to do your research to find the one that best suits your needs.

The second is the cost of living and tuition. Some countries, like France and Italy, are known for being expensive, but there are also many scholarships and financial aid options available. The third is the culture and environment. Each country has its own unique culture and art scene, so you’ll want to make sure you find a place that you’ll be able to immerse yourself in.

Some of the best countries to study art include France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Each of these countries has world-renowned art schools and a rich culture and history to explore. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, consider studying art in Germany or Australia.

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Ranking of the Top 10 Best Countries to Study Art

Here are the ten best countries to study art. The following countries offer plentiful opportunities for students looking for a great education and exciting cultural experiences:

best countries to study art


France is currently ranked 1st on our list of best Countries to study art. France is a country with a long and rich history of art and culture, which makes it the perfect place to study art. The French have been involved in the arts since they became a nation in the 17th century. They have also developed their own style of painting, sculpture, and architecture that can be seen all around Paris.

In addition to its rich artistic heritage, France has one of the largest art markets in Europe with over 2 million works for sale at auction every year (the majority being paintings). This means that if you want to purchase some beautiful artwork, then this is an excellent place for your money! France also has top universities like: University Bourgogne Franche-Comté (UBFC), University of Bordeaux.

Therefore, France is an excellent choice if you’re looking to go to one of the best countries to study art.

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Italy is currently ranked 2nd on our list of best Countries to study art. Italy is home to some of the world’s best art schools. With a rich history and strong community, it’s no wonder that Italian students have the freedom to explore their creativity in a variety of ways.

The country also has a great climate for studying, with warm summers and mild winters making it easy to work outside or study indoors year-round. In fact, Italy has one of the longest sunniest seasons on Earth—the average summer day lasts 14 hours! And when you’re done with classes during your breaks or holidays? You can go backpacking through Europe’s stunning countryside or explore Rome itself—one of Europe’s most popular cities (and one we recommend visiting). Therefore, Italy is a great choice if you’re looking to go to one of the best countries to study art.


Spain is currently ranked 3rd on our list of the best countries to study art in. Spain is a beautiful country, with many famous artists and writers. Pablo Picasso studied in Spain, as did Salvador Dal and Luis Buñuel. The country also has a rich artistic history dating back to the Middle Ages, when it was home to some of Europe’s greatest painters, like El Greco and Velázquez.

Spain has many art museums where you can see all manner of artwork made by famous artists during the Baroque period, in particular (16th century). You can learn about how they made their work here at one of these museums, or even just visit one on your own!

The climate here is perfect for studying art because it’s warm all year round, so students don’t need to worry about being cold while they’re drawing outside—just wear long sleeves if you want them too.

Spain is also a great choice if you’re looking to go to one of the best countries to study art.

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England is currently ranked 4th on our list of the best countries to study art in. If you like to study art, England is a great place to go. Besides the Tate Gallery, which is free to visit, there are many other places where people can learn about art and design. The National Gallery holds more than 2 million works of art from around the world and is one of the largest museums in Europe.

The British Museum has one of the largest collections of artifacts from ancient Egypt, along with sculptures from Greece and Rome, as well as paintings by artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti (the creator of David). You can also visit the British Library, which houses over 150 million books, including manuscripts written by famous authors such as Jane Austen or Charles Dickens, who lived during this time period when they wrote their novels!

United States

The United States is a great place to study art. There are many art schools around the country, and they’re all pretty good. You can find some of them in your city or town; others are located far away from home but still affordable.

The United States is currently ranked 5th on our list of the best countries to study art. There are also many different types of schools that offer classes at different levels: undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, or doctoral studies (MFA). If you want to get into the industry fast, then going for an MFA degree is probably best because it will help get you ready for work as soon as possible after graduation day!

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Ruxxia is currently ranked 6th on our list of the best countries to study art in. Russia has a rich history of art and architecture, which is reflected in its museums, galleries, and monuments. Since the late 19th century, Russia has been an important site for the development of modern art since it became a base for French Impressionist painters who left Paris due to political turmoil.

You can visit some of these famous works, like “War with Snow” by Mikhail Natakhin (1886-1948), or “Spring Garden” by Konstantin Abramov (1874-1962).


Germany is currently ranked 7th on our list of the best countries to study art in. Germany is a great place to study art. The country also has a large number of art museums, galleries, and schools offering courses in the field.

If you want to become an artist, there are plenty of opportunities for that here too—and it’s not just about creating visual art! There are also opportunities for sculptors and architects, as well as painters; all three disciplines can be studied at German universities (just like engineering).

Germany has some of the best art design schools like: Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig


Australia is currently ranked 8th on our list of the best countries to study art in. Australia is a country of immigrants, and it’s no surprise that the country has developed a strong art community. In fact, Australia has more than 500 public art projects throughout the country, including art in places like shopping malls and airports. There are also many private galleries in Sydney and Melbourne that specialize in both emerging artists and established ones.

The Australian government also offers grants for artists who want to travel overseas for further study or residency programs through the Arts Council of Australia (ACA). The ACA provides funding for students who want to attend bachelor’s degree programs at universities across Australia—and even provides scholarships if necessary!

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Canada is currently ranked 9th on our list of the best countries to study art in. Canada is a great place to study art. It has a strong historical and contemporary art scene, and it’s home to many top schools of all types. There are a lot of opportunities for students and artists alike in this country.

Canada is also home to some of the best museums dedicated solely to modern or contemporary art.


China is a huge country with a rich history, and it has developed its own unique artistic traditions over time. The first emperor of China was Qin Shi Huangdi, who ruled from 221 BC to 210 BC. For nearly 2,000 years thereafter, Chinese emperors-maintained power by establishing an elite class of scholar-officials called the Mandarins. These men were educated in classical texts and received high government positions as a reward for their knowledge of literature and philosophy—and they also acted as advisers to emperors on many matters related to governance.

The oldest existing artwork in China dates back to around 1200 BC. However, you’ll find plenty of other examples dating back much further than that! It’s no coincidence that many modern artists look back at ancient Chinese artworks for inspiration; these works represent some of our earliest attempts at expression through painting or sculpture (which includes everything from paintings on silk scrolls depicting warriors riding horses across riverside landscapes during battle scenes).

China is also one of the best countries to study art.

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