Are you planning to attend school in Canada? Are you still trying to figure out how you’re going to pay for it? How to win a scholarship in Canada? If so, then you’re not alone — funding higher education can be expensive! Luckily, there are numerous scholarships and grants available for international students who want to study abroad in Canada. In fact, there are even some scholarship programs that cater specifically to those who plan on studying at a Canadian university in 2022!


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Consider University Scholarships

While you might not be eligible for fully funded scholarships at every institution, Canadian universities offer a variety of scholarship options, so consider these when planning your post-secondary education. Don’t forget to check with your high school guidance counselor as well; there are also many bursaries and grants available through both federal and provincial governments. Pioneeringhub scholars colloquium’s website is an excellent resource for those looking to fund their studies. Browse by category or search by program name to learn more about opportunities designed specifically for students like you!

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Consider Government Grants

If you’re looking to win a scholarship in Canada, government grants are always an option. These awards are generally funded by taxes, meaning they don’t have to be paid back. With a little bit of research, you could find several organizations that offer fully funded scholarships in your area. This can make your search easier—you won’t have to dig around and worry about coming up with funds on your own. If you qualify for government funding, however, it’s important that you apply for it early. A lot of times these grants will get full long before students even realize they can get help from their local or state governments.

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Consider Private Scholarships

Private scholarships aren’t just about sports, computer science and clubs. Many organizations offer private scholarships for any skill set and talent set—and that includes our favorite field: design. For example, there are dozens of reputable organizations offering fully funded scholarships to designers at all stages of their career. When you start your search for scholarships, look outside of your network first; these are more likely to fit into your specific strengths and needs. Don’t be afraid to contact potential scholarship providers directly with questions!

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Get Help from Connections

A lot of successful people have already-existing connections they can reach out to when they’re looking for opportunities or advice. This could mean you ask your family and friends for help, but it could also mean you get in touch with professional networks. If you know anyone who works in a profession related to what you want to do, whether that’s networking, sales, consulting or management, it may be worthwhile reaching out for information about how to break into their industry.

Even if it doesn’t lead directly to a scholarship, there’s value in expanding your network and getting information about opportunities from people who are working within the field you want to get into.


Keep an Up-to-Date Resume

In order to receive scholarship money, you need to have a resume that details your qualifications. While you can write your own resume, it’s more likely that someone else will read your scholarship application and an employer will be evaluating it at some point too. That being said, having your own resume on hand helps ensure everything is correct and up-to-date.

If nothing else, you should update your resume before applying for scholarships and put all of those extra copies to good use by including them with other documents like cover letters and references. Also, if you plan on applying for scholarships in future years or want to keep track of all of your past accomplishments, building an electronic version (like Microsoft Word) allows you to add accomplishments as they happen.

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Join Associations and Groups on Campus

Many campuses have associations and groups dedicated to helping students find scholarships and grants. Getting involved with these organizations is an excellent way to meet people, ask questions, and find assistance that will help you fill out applications for government-sponsored aid. They can also help you search for private scholarships, which are often completely free of charge! Getting involved is a good way to make new friends on campus, too. The more engaged you are with other students who are going through similar experiences as you, especially when it comes to applying for financial aid and scholarship opportunities, there’s less likely that they’ll feel like such huge undertakings!

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