Have you been searching the internet for the “best countries to study computer science”? Well, this article will give you some insight into where you should be looking.

Computer science is a popular major at universities. It helps you make money, build skills, and navigate the ever-changing technological world. With that being said, which are the best places in the world to study computer science? There’s no doubt that studying in Asia is much cheaper than studying in Europe, but it’s not entirely clear why. To answer this question, we’ve analyzed the cost of living, financial aid and tuition fees associated with an average computer science degree offered by some of the best universities in each country around the world. Also read the Top 10 countries to study medicine in the world

Whether you are looking to pursue your masters degree abroad or want to study computer science in your own country, we have ranked 10 of the best countries to learn computer science.

Ranking of the 10 Best Countries to Study Computer Science

Here are the top 10 best countries to study computer science, including what each country has to offer you as a student of computer science and how much the average cost of living and studying abroad will be for you in each of these countries.


Best Countries to Study Computer Science
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If you’re interested in computer science, it might be worth looking at colleges in China. According to CNN, China has more than 3 million IT professionals, or people who work with technology and computers. This is twice as many as there are in any other country on Earth. And Chinese citizens are training themselves for a career in computer science at a very young age; CNN notes that one college educates about 35 percent of all high school students studying computer science. With such an invested and eager population, it’s no wonder China is one of the best countries to study computer science and become a technology expert.

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Germany’s universities offer excellent training in a wide range of computer science fields, from artificial intelligence to software engineering. The country also boasts a healthy tech industry that includes big names like BMW and Deutsche Telekom (DT), as well as smaller startups. That has made it an ideal place for foreign students and one of the best countries to study computer science. Germany also has one of Europe’s most highly developed economies, so it offers plenty of opportunities to get hands-on experience and make connections in your field. As with any program abroad, be sure to research specific schools and programs before choosing one that’s right for you; Germany isn’t necessarily better than other countries, just different.

United States (USA)

The United States is one of a handful of countries (along with some countries) that are home to top-notch computer science schools. For students with an interest in technology—and an American passport—consider attending one of these colleges. The following universities are among our favorites: Harvard University (MA), Princeton University (NJ).

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India is one of the world’s best countries to study computer science and engineering. All Indian colleges and universities (with very few exceptions) are publicly funded, and they’re required to offer undergraduate computer science at all public universities as a way to help supply software developers to India’s booming technology sector. As such, computer science is highly affordable in India. You can even find scholarships for computer science if you have financial need or have been involved with community service!


As computer science is a global field, we’ve looked at factors that make studying in a given country easier, such as affordable education and job prospects for graduates. Canada ranks near or at the top of the list of best countries to study computer science, so you might expect it to do well here. And you’d be right: its universities have a high overall international ranking, and its students have numerous internship opportunities post-graduation. Indeed, about half of all Canadian graduates go on to work abroad after their studies are complete.


As is expected of one of the largest, most technologically advanced countries in world, Australia offers great options for both traditional and online computer science courses. The country has more than 100 universities and colleges, many of which are highly respected internationally. For example, The University of Melbourne (Melbourne) is ranked as one of top 25 universities in Oceania and Australia’s best university by three major ranking organizations. In addition to its excellent computer science programs and facilities, it also boasts an impressive academic culture known for liberal arts and science education.

And speaking to its global focus, a study abroad program at Melbourne is your best bet to not only gain insight into foreign cultures but also travel around Europe if you wish before or after graduating. Also see our list of the top 10 best engineering universities in the world

United Kingdom

Best Countries to Study Computer Science
The Top 10 Best Countries to Study Computer Science 5

If you’re looking for one of Europe’s best countries to study computer science, look no further than Great Britain(UK). The country is known for its world-class education and attracts a huge number of international students every year. If you study computer science at a British university, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to put your skills to work when you leave college. The UK has a thriving tech scene, and even non-technical companies rely on computing knowledge. Also, while London may feel like it takes up all of Britain’s computer science industry space, there are still plenty of smaller cities to move to after graduation if you want that big city experience but aren’t from there.


Italy is a perfect place and one of the best countries to study computer science. One of the reasons behind that is the large presence of some of the best educational institutions, such as Sapienza University of Rome, Politecnico di Milano and many others. Also, we have to mention the huge popularity of computer scientists in Italy’s job market. A study by Indeed revealed that software engineers are one of the top five desired careers. It’s predicted that demand for software engineers will increase by 35% by 2020 due to the high adoption rate of new technologies in various industries and the growth of start-ups across European countries.

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A favorite among international students, France offers plenty of quality computer science education at some of its best universities. There are plenty of opportunities to learn French and experience Paris, a top vacation destination in Europe. Schools like Université Pierre et Marie Curie will offer all that you’re looking for in your study abroad experience—from dynamic campuses with modern facilities to high-quality faculty who can support you every step of the way. With so many options to choose from, France is definitely one of the best countries to study computer science abroad. Start learning today by checking out their university guide.

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Studying computer science in Brazil can prepare you for an international career because Brazil offers not only a cost-effective program but also a system that is ready to welcome foreign students and help them start their careers. The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) are two popular institutions among international students. UFRJ boasts one of the top computer science programs in Latin America, while UFMG offers a state-of-the-art facility with modern facilities. With its economic growth, generous educational incentives, and challenging projects, studying computer science in Brazil will set you up for success!

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Best Countries to Study Computer Science Best Countries to Study Computer Science Best Countries to Study Computer Science Best Countries to Study Computer Science Best Countries to Study Computer Science Best Countries to Study Computer Science

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