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make money online

Even though you may not have much to start with, this doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make money online , whether it’s through your primary job or by taking on freelance work, there are tons of ways you can earn extra income.

7 Ways to Make Money Online as a Student

When you’re a student, making money on the side can be tough because you have limited time and resources to devote to your financial endeavours. Even though you may not have much to start with, this doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make money online as a student — whether it’s through your primary job or by taking on freelance work, there are tons of ways you can earn extra income as a student.

make money online

With that in mind, here are seven(7) great ways to make money online as a student:

Social Media

I know, it sounds silly that you can make money on social media, but it’s true. Social media is about building relationships and sharing information. By growing your online presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn (among others), you can create highly-targeted opportunities for sponsorships and affiliate marketing. Create an account today if you don’t have one already. Then use these 10 proven ways to make money from home with social media as your starting point! Take advantage of all these free resources now so you can start earning ASAP!


If you have skills that are in demand, like designing web pages or software development, freelancing could be an option for you. Because of its flexible nature, freelancing can be done while attending school full-time and working part-time on nights and weekends. However, it can also be helpful to make extra money even if you’re not looking for a new career. In short, if you’re interested in supplementing your income with some freelance work on your free time, take a look at these ways students can make money online. While it may seem difficult at first glance, once you get started it’s not too difficult.

Creative Pursuits

There are two main ways of making money online: through passive and active income. Passive income is work you can do once and then it continues earning revenue for a long time, even if you’re not working on it. For example, someone who writes children’s books can continue getting royalty checks for years. It’s hard to build passive income streams, but they pay off in huge ways over time.

If you have your own successful business or product, try teaching a course about how you made it big—that way, when people are ready to start their own companies, they’ll know where to go for help. On top of that, you’ll probably make more money than if you just used your business knowledge normally!

Work From Home Opportunities

If you are like most college students, you don’t have much money to spend on extra curricular activities. But working from home is a great way to make money and gain valuable experience. While working in retail or restaurants may be your only option during school breaks and summers, there are several legitimate ways to make money online while still in school. From taking surveys online, blogging, designing graphics or freelancing services—there are plenty of options available for students looking for part-time work that can help pay their tuition.

Paid Surveys

Many students look for ways to make extra money, and one of those ways is through online surveys. These can be done in your free time from home, and there’s no need to pay any money out-of-pocket unless you are looking for a specific type of survey that only certain market research companies offer. These surveys usually pay very little, but every bit helps. To get started, check out these paid survey sites: Survey Junkie; Pinecone Research; Vindale Research; Opinion Outpost; Inbox Dollars. Be sure to read reviews before joining anything or using any site. You want honest reviews so you don’t waste your time or end up losing money!

P2P Lending

Peer-to-peer lending is one of today’s most popular ways to make money online. Though it originated in 2009, peer-to-peer lending has exploded over the past decade and new services are being introduced almost daily. This type of platform connects borrowers and lenders through an online marketplace and allows for loans (usually unsecured) for specific purposes. Some common uses include debt consolidation, new business financing, college tuition funding or paying off credit card debt. If you have decent credit or assets that can be sold for value, there’s plenty of room to get started with peer-to-peer lending—in fact, Investopedia reports that $1 trillion was lent using P2P platforms in 2017 alone!


If you have extra cash and you’re looking for ways to invest, consider putting money into stocks or bonds. You can start out small if you want with sites like Stash or Robinhood and learn as you go. Investing is actually one of the things I wish I had done more of when I was younger; it’s definitely not too late! If investing seems daunting, at least look into robo-advisors that can automatically set aside a small amount of money for your future. It will all add up over time.

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How to make money online without paying anything

Have you been looking for how you can make money online without investing, especially when you are not employed on a regular basis?

Truly, there are several ways, and when you look on the web, you will discover numerous genuine and many trick sources. I strongly advise you to avoid projects that require you to make an initial investment before you can begin utilizing their money-making programs. Like shape filling, promotion clicking, etc.

I will be posting some cash-making programs for web clients that are anything but easy to utilize and work. Some of them will require you to have certain skills, such as good correspondence, excellent written work, and so on.

make money online
How to make money online without paying anything 3

Depending on how much time and effort you put in, you can earn a decent living surfing online.

Here are six ways to make money online without paying anything.

  • Content Creation Service :
    Bloggers and website administrators are always on the lookout for new and unique content for their blogs and websites. Computerized point gatherings can be a good place to start, but they’re rife with con artists and spammers. Nonetheless, you can make a better-than-average living writing articles. Depending on the topic of the articles, you will get paid $2-$10 per article. When you make an arrangement, you’ll be told about the nature of the items, the speciality, the quantity of words, and so on.

  • Middleman between webmasters and website owners:
    Gain a commission by bringing them consumers who pay for the advertisement. To gain this type of work, join website admins’ conversations and contact itraders. These are all free methods for making money on the internet and surviving in any event. Apart from focuses 1, 2, and 4, I won’t propose anything else.

Another common way to make money is to help someone sell their website or space. This is a big business, and each successful trade can earn you anything from $20 to $20,000. Typically 10% of the site or area’s asking price.

  • Writing Paid Posts And Blog Reviews / Influencer work : If you have a blog or social media account that already has a lot of traffic, you can start undertaking supported surveys, endorsements, and product placement from people and organizations.

  • Affiliate advertising: is the ideal way for anybody to begin procuring cash on the web. This requires zero venture and you can utilize it through your blog or even your online networking platform, like Twitter or Facebook, to advance and gain cash. I know a lot of bloggers and social media users who are making thousands of dollars just by showcasing their members while sitting at home.

  • Earn Money Via Survey: Though 75% survey sites are fake but 25% sites are genuine where you can make money in reality. A surveys competition is a easy work which takes only 6 minutes – 33 minutes depending on the survey length requirement.

There are no need to do anything more, just write a feedback and opinion in a survey task. On this job you will be paid $0.5 to $20 depending on the length of the survey, profile and your country. But main thing is that which sites and really paying ? or which are fakes. There are plenty of survey sites you will find, but before you join, check their review and legal report and know deeply about that online survey site.

  • Captcha solving: If you have any extra time, you can earn an extra income as a captcha solver. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You don’t need to do anything; just read the captcha images and type the exact words as we solve captcha when a site asks for their security. More tasks to complete in order to earn more money in less time.

There are dozens of captcha solving websites like Kolotibablo, MegaTypers, CaptchaTypers, etc. that pay up to $1 to $2 for every 1000 captchas. So try to solve more captchas and earn a massive income from them.

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