If you are a BYU National Scholarship finalist, have BYU as your first-choice school, and qualify for a multi-year scholarship, you may be eligible for a BYU-sponsored National Merit scholarship, which pays full LDS tuition for eight semesters.

Three different organizations sponsor National Merit Scholarships. Scholarships are funded by National Merit, corporations, or universities. National Merit chooses which scholarships to sponsor, corporations choose which scholarships to sponsor, and a list is sent to each university listing everyone else who listed that school as their first choice.


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BYU evaluates the list and chooses which students to sponsor. To be considered for a BYU-sponsored Merit Scholarship, a student must first qualify for a Russell M. Nelson Scholarship or a Heritage Scholarship. If the student receives one of these two scholarships, is a National Merit finalist with BYU as their first choice, and is not sponsored by National Merit or a corporation, BYU will select them as a National Merit Scholar.

A student who is sponsored by National Merit or a corporation is not eligible for a BYU-sponsored National Merit Scholarship. All National Merit Selection Committee decisions will be made public after June 1.

National Merit Scholarship

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BYU National Merit Scholarship Value

  • Full tuition
  • Stipends

Students who are initially awarded a Heritage Scholarship and then chosen as a BYU-sponsored National Merit Scholarship recipient will have the Heritage Scholarship replaced.

The National Merit Scholarship Program pays full-member tuition for eight semesters. The basic National Merit stipend of $500 is included in full tuition. Students are not compensated in any way.


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If a student receives the Russell M. Nelson Scholarship (presidential scholarship) and is a National Merit finalist, he or she will receive the Nelson Scholarship amount as well as the recognition of being a National Merit scholar.

The merit stipend would be $500, as specified by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. The Presidential Scholarship would be awarded in addition to the annual National Merit stipend, giving the student a total award of 150% of LDS tuition for eight semesters.


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