Because there is no genuine lightsaber in Minecraft Education Edition, you will need to create a glow stick to make a lightsaber. If you’re wondering how to construct a lightsaber, it’s probably because a lot of YouTubers call glowsticks lightsabers.

To create a lightsaber in Minecraft Education Edition or Bedrock, you’ll need the chemical compound materials listed below.

  • 30 Hydrogen 20 Carbon
  • Three nitrous oxide
  • Four Oxygen
  • A single dye (can be any color)

All of these compounds can be obtained either by making them yourself using the element constructor or by using the creative inventory. Once you obtain the resources, you must convert them into the chemicals and goods listed below.

  • Luminol
  • Polyethylene
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Place ten carbons and twenty hydrogens in your compound builder to begin building the Polyethylene. You will be able to convert both compounds into Polyethylene if you do so.

minecraft education edition
Minecraft polythylene

To make the Luminol you will need to place the following amounts of materials in the compound creator.

  • Seven Hydrogen
  • Eight Carbon
  • Three Nitrogen
  • Two Oxygen
minecraft education edition
Minecraft luminol

To make Hydrogen Peroxide, just place two Hydrogen and two Oxygen inside the compound creator.

minecraft education edition
Minecraft peroxide

Once you’ve gathered all of the materials needed to build a lightsaber or glowstick in Minecraft, arrange them as indicated in the crafting image below.

minecraft education edition

Begin by laying the Polyethylene on the right and left rows as you work your way down. The dye should go in the middle slot, the Luminol on the bottom slot, and the Hydrogen Peroxide on the top slot. After you’ve finished, use Minecraft Educational Edition to make a lightsaber (glowstick).


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