The Harvard University Free Online Courses application is now open and free to apply for. Certificates are also issued for free upon completion.

Harvard University offers over 250 free online courses, including classes on business, psychology, public health, and history. If you’re interested in taking an online course but not sure where to start, this guide will help you explore Harvard’s offerings and decide which subject or topic to take next.

Harvard University has one of the best business schools. This is a comprehensive guide to Harvard’s best free online courses for entrepreneurs and professionals who want to learn about topics like marketing, finance, healthcare, public policy, and more. You’ll find a range of courses from its EdX platform, including Business Administration (HARVARDx: b-110x), Healthcare Delivery in an Era of Consumerism (HARVARDx: hcs267), and Marketing Management (HARVARDx: hst101).

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Harvard has long been a leader in online learning, making free online courses available through their edX platform. With over 250 free online courses from more than 30 academic disciplines, there’s plenty to choose from. But with so many options out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.

All Harvard MOOCs have certificates of completion available for those who finish with a passing grade. Some Harvard Extension School classes also have verified certificates available upon completion, as well as verified diplomas from their affiliated university (if applicable).

If you’re interested in taking Harvard’s free online courses for fun or for professional development, here are some things you should know about Harvard and their course offerings before signing up.

The Benefits of the Harvard University Free Online Courses

  • Candidates will be able to learn in the comfort of their own homes.
  • You do not have to pay a registration fee to attend this program.
  • If you have any disease, you can study at home.
  • Some programs are free, while others come with a tuition reduction.
  • You will receive a digital certificate upon completion of the course.
  • The class method is through the internet.


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Eligibility Сriteriа

  • People from all over the world are eligible to apply for the Harvard University Free Online Courses.
  • There’s no maximum age requirement for registration.
  • Any level of education can apply (graduates, undergraduates, etc.).
  • Nationality, religion, nationality, or gender is all without limits.
  • Language proficiency certificates, e.g., IELTS, are not required.

List of Harvard University Free Online Courses

The university offers a large number of courses for the Harvard University Free Online Courses. These online courses are available in a variety of disciplines.

List of Courses available for Harvard University Free Online Courses:

Below is a comprehensive list of Harvard University’s free online courses.

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Healthcare,
  • Public policy
  • Psychology
  • Public health
  • History
  • Literature
  • Аrts & Design
  • Соmрuter Sсienсe
  • Heаlth & Medicine
  • Dаtа Sсienсe
  • Business
  • Education & Teaching
  • Mаthemаtiсs
  • Рrоgrаmming
  • Humаnities
  • Science
  • Social Science


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How to Sign up for Harvard University’s Free Online Courses

Visit the official website of the Harvard University Free Online Courses. Choose a subject area, then decide whether to use a free or paid resource. You can then select the start date as well as the duration. Please go to the official website below to apply for the Hаrvаrd free courses.


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