Educational psychology
Educational Psychology Degree: Fundamentals You Need to Know 5

Educational Psychology and its importance

Educational Psychology is the branch of classic psychology that studies the ways and models of informational interaction between individual and educator; efficient ways of learning; dependence of learning capabilities on physical and psychical factors.

Educational Psychologist

They contained education and training within the general term of tuition. Parenting is a route of organized and deliberate action on the child’s personality and behavior, and a learning process, whose principal aim is to develop the child’s abilities. Education and training are different, but interconnected, aspects of a single lesson.

For analytical purposes in educational psychology, they are usually considered separate processes because they are in their objectives, content, methods, types of lead they implement. They provide mainly education through interpersonal communication between people. Education deals with the cognitive processes of the child and education—with feelings and interpersonal relations.

Particular attention in the study of education and training psychologists draws on the content of school subjects and goals of educational influences in terms of efficiency and capacity to achieve them. Psychologists are interested in developing effect of any training and education. Based on data from their science, the psychologist finds that, like the sequence in which children must pass in order to maximize the educational developmental outcome.


Educational psychology
Educational Psychology Degree: Fundamentals You Need to Know 6

An Important Aspect of Pedagogical Training

An important aspect of psychological and pedagogical training and education is a correct assessment of its results, to determine what and how much has really changed in the child affected by deliberate methods, sources and techniques of education and training. They associated this with an area of ​​psychological and educational research, which concerns the psycho.

Another objective of this knowledge is to develop a scientific basis for training and retraining of teachers on the most promising areas of science and practice.

The subject of educational psychology is the study of psychological patterns of education and training. Educational Psychology examines psychological issues, learning management, explores the development of cognitive processes, and finds reliable criteria for mental retardation.

Sections of educational psychology are:

  • the Psychology of learning
  • Psychology education
  • Psychology teacher.

Educational psychology also studies issues related to the individual approach to the student, which contributes to full training and education.

What Does Typical Learning Program in EP Include?

The program content, teaching recommendations, are designed to ensure quality training, which future teacher will need in the creative implementation of the main vocational and educational functions of the teacher-educator in a real educational process. Program material gives the instructor the future of a holistic view of professional activity on the construction of psycho-pedagogical peculiarities of the person.

The presented program, tasks and guidelines meet state educational standards and allow to generate in future specialists with Educational Psychology degree the complex psychological and pedagogical skills:

  • Educating workflow
  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Research.

The content of educational psychology practice in psycho-pedagogical units constructed under modern principles of education and training is integrative and includes: an introduction to the educational activities of schools, the study of individual and collective; educational work in the classroom as an assistant to the class teacher, methodical execution; and research.

Educational psychology
Educational Psychology Degree: Fundamentals You Need to Know 7

A Brief List of High Schools Offering Educational Psychology Degree

  1. Capella University. MS in Educational Psychology.
  2. University of Wisconsin-Madison. Offers BS and MS degrees in Psychology.
  3. Vanderbilt University. Comprehensive Educational Psychology course. BS degree offered.
  4. The University of Minnesota. BS and MS degrees.
  5. The University of California. State’s leading psychology department.
  6. Michigan State University. BS and MS degrees.


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