International students are encouraged to apply for the Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s Program (CGS-M). The program is fully funded and available to both domestic and international students.


The Canada Graduate Scholarships-Program Master’s (CGS-M) is a scholarship program that assists Canadian and international students pursuing a master’s degree at a Canadian university. The Canadian government funds the scholarship, which is administered by three federal research funding agencies: the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

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The CGS-M is a highly competitive scholarship program, with only a few scholarships awarded each year. The scholarship pays a stipend of $17,500 for 12 months and can be renewed for up to two years. In addition to the stipend, the scholarship covers tuition, travel expenses, and research-related costs.

Applicants must have a first-class average in their undergraduate studies and be enrolled in a master’s program at a Canadian university to be eligible for the CGS-M. They must also demonstrate academic excellence and potential for research. The CGS-M application process is highly competitive and includes submitting a research proposal, academic transcripts, and obtaining letters of reference.


Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s Program (CGS-M) Details

  • Host Country: Canada
  • Host Institution: Canada Institutions
  • Eligible nationality: All nationalities
  • Award amount: Up to $18,000 {Renewable over 2 years}

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Financial benefits of the Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Canada Graduate Scholarships-Program Master’s (CGS-M) assists eligible students pursuing a master’s degree at a Canadian university with financial assistance. The scholarship provides the following financial benefits:

  • Stipend: The scholarship provides a $17,500 stipend for a 12-month period.
  • Research allowance: The scholarship also provides a research allowance of $5,000 to help students cover the cost of research-related expenses, including travel, equipment, and materials.
  • Tuition fees: Tuition fees are covered by the scholarship for the duration of the master’s program, up to a maximum of 12 months.
  • Health insurance: For the duration of the scholarship, the scholarship covers the cost of health insurance.
  • Travel expenses: The scholarship pays for eligible students’ travel expenses to attend conferences, seminars, or workshops related to their research.
  • Professional development opportunities, such as language training or workshops on academic writing and research methods, are supported by the scholarship.

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Eligibility Requirements

The following are the eligibility requirements for the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Program Master’s (CGS-M):

  • Citizenship: The applicant must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or a valid international student.
  • Academic Qualification: At the time of application, the applicant must have completed a bachelor’s degree or be enrolled in a master’s program at an eligible Canadian institution.
  • Field of Study: The applicant must be pursuing a master’s degree in one of the eligible fields of study, which include the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and engineering.
  • Academic excellence, research experience, and potential contributions to their field of study are all required to demonstrate research ability or potential.
  • Referees: Two academic referees who can assess the applicant’s research potential and academic excellence are required.
  • Language Proficiency: The applicant must be fluent in English or French in order to carry out the proposed research.
  • Academic Excellence: The applicant must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher in each of the previous two years of study.
  • Timelines: The applicant must submit their application to the appropriate Canadian institution by the institution’s deadline.

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Documents Required

The following documents may be required for an application to the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Program Master’s (CGS-M):

  • Personal Information Form (PIF) – A basic form that requests personal information such as name, address, email, and so on.
  • Official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions attended, including any courses taken outside of your current program.
  • Proof of Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident Status – A birth certificate, passport, or other government-issued document may suffice.
  • Research Proposal – A description of the research project you intend to conduct, including the research question, objectives, methodology, and anticipated results.
  • Reference Letters – Two or three letters of recommendation from academic referees familiar with your academic work and research potential.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) – A comprehensive resume detailing your education, work experience, and academic achievements.
  • Language Proficiency Test Outcomes

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How to Apply

The Canada Graduate Scholarships-Program Master’s (CGS-M) is a government-funded program that assists students pursuing master’s degrees in a variety of disciplines. The following are the steps for applying to the CGS-M program:

  • Check your eligibility: Before applying for the CGS-M program, make sure you meet the requirements. You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, enrolled in a full-time master’s program at an eligible Canadian university, and have not previously received a CGS-M or any other federal grant for the same level of study.
  • Find a potential supervisor: You must have a potential supervisor who is willing to support your application and provide a letter of recommendation. Look for potential supervisors in your field of study and contact them to discuss your research proposal and the possibility of a fit with their research interests.
  • Prepare your application package as follows: The following documents are included in the CGS-M application package:
    • A research proposal is a one-page summary of your proposed research project’s objectives, methodology, and expected results.
    • Transcripts: official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions you have attended.
    • Two reference letters from academic referees who can speak to your academic achievements and potential are required.
    • Letter of support: a letter of support from your potential supervisor that includes their assessment of your research potential as well as their willingness to support your project.
    • Personal statement: a statement outlining your career goals, research experience, and how the CGS-M funding will help you achieve them.
  • Send your application: The Research Portal is used to submit applications for the CGS-M program. The application deadline is usually in December, but the current year’s deadline can be found on the official website.
  • After submitting your application, check the Research Portal on a regular basis for any updates or requests for additional information. The results are usually released in the spring.

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